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If you suffer from spinal trauma you should consider visiting an acupuncture chiropractor. They are trained in both acupuncture and chiropractic practice. With this type of chiropractor you are able to get two separate remedies and combine them into one holistic health treatment. The acupuncture will help manage the body blockages that are caused by stress and pain, while the chiropractor part of your appointment will cover the alignment and adjustment of your spine.

Acupuncture Vs. Acupressure
An acupuncturist chiropractor is much like an acupressure chiropractor. Both go hand in hand. In fact, acupuncture is the original oriental method of medicine and uses needles to stimulate energy points and to put balance in the body where acupressure uses the hands and fingertips to stimulate the energy points.

Your acupuncturist chiropractor is specially trained in chiropractic health as well as acupuncture wellness. Both do the same thing as far balancing and relieving pain in the body. A chiropractor uses their skills with the spine and combines them with the skills of the acupuncturist.

What Conditions Have Been Treated By An Acupuncturist Chiropractor?
A chiropractor that performs acupuncture helps with many types of disorders, including respiratory disorders. He or she can help with problems dealing with allergies, cough, the common cold, flue, asthma and bronchitis. While the acupuncture helps to deal with the issues, the chiropractic side of things helps to maintain the balance that is put there. Both work hand in hand in dealing with specific areas.

There are many areas that are helped with an acupuncturist chiropractor. Another such area is the gastrointestinal disorders. When there is abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, digestive problems, acid reflux, ulcers, colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. There are also internal diseases that are helped as well with these services.

How Does An Acupuncturist And A Chiropractor Work Together?
Acupuncture uses very thin needles that are inserted into specific meridians ant these meridians all are tied to specific areas of the body. The Chinese believe there are blockages in the meridians that lead to the pain and dysfunction. The acupuncturist will deal with these blockages. Then the chiropractic medicine keeps things together by balancing everything and keeping the body maintained.

Do Your Research
You can find a good acupuncturist that practices chiropractic (or vice versa), but make sure you do your research. It's important that the practitioner has a license and certificates to back up his knowledge. However, someone can have all of the above and not be very good. Make sure their reputation is very good before making your final selection.

If you have been to a doctor, and have tried all the western world medicines, you may want to try the alternative approach. The alternative approach can help you to get off those pain pills you feel forced into taking. Acupuncture alone has been proven in science to alleviate pain and stress on the joints and muscles of your body. Chiropractors have been used for a long time to do almost exactly the same thing. The chiropractic school of thought says that through touch and proper spinal alignment, one can fix most of the problems that cause pain

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