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If you are looking for a chiropractor near you, then you should get in contact with your local chiropractor association. They can give you the name of a good chiropractic clinic in your area. The chiropractor association also maintains close contact with the local university and can give you the contact information for students that have newly graduated from chiropractic school.

There are numerous professional organizations the world over, some better than others, but that is a different subject altogether! So, it is no surprise that the field of chiropractic medicine, which is a form of medicine that works on adjusting the skeletal system to relieve various health related problems, is a profession that has numerous professional associations promoting the field. While providing a complete and comprehensive listing of the multitude of chiropractor organizations would be a daunting task, a quick listing of three of the most well known ones.

An International Organization
The first organization of note is the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) which is an organization global in scope (they are holding one of their 2006 conferences in Madrid, Spain). One of the main problems that chiropractic medicine is a relatively new health service and many people the world over do not recognize it as being in the same status group of traditional medicine or other divisions of the medical field.

The ICA seeks to change that perception by promoting the benefits of chiropractic medicine across the globe and hopes to eventually see it held in the same regard as its peers. Chiropractors work to help individuals suffering from osteoarthritis, spine problems, and other back ailments. Most work diligently to help their patients become the healthiest they can be.

A Domestic Association
Moving from international to domestic, we have the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) that is a governing body not unlike the ICA. At first glance, the ACA looks very similar to a labor union that it is not. It is more akin to a professional or trade association that seeks to create a platform for the promotion and continued growth of the chiropractic field. In additional to such noble goals, this association also acts as an advocacy group for doctors and patients alike.

A Spiritual Organization
First, we examined an international chiropractor association, and second, we examined a North American chiropractor association. Now, we move on to examine a spiritual one, which is a spiritual association for chiropractors in the form of the Christian Chiropractors Association (CCA).

The CCA is a United States based Evangelical Christian chiropractor's organization whose origins begin with missionary work overseas. Today, they provide a collective body for fellow Christians (note: membership is not exclusive to one faith) to provide both the furthering of the chiropractic field and to also provide a faith based charitable initiative to members of local communities, and the CCA's goals are thoroughly noble.

Of course, there are many others than what have been listed here with new ones forming everyday, and this is always a good sign for the health of the industry.

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