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Using a chiropractor service for whiplash after a whiplash accident is the only way to feel better. Many people believe that it is impossible to totally feel better after treatment for neck injuries, but chiropractors are trained to help you through the entire healing process. They concentrate on the spinal cord, but incorporate an overall healing approach to your health. You will get treatment for your whiplash, headaches and pain, but you will also receive information on how to eat right and take the right supplements to optimize the healing process.

Whiplash is an injury done to the cervical spine, and is caused by a jerking motion of the head. When the head is thrown backward or forward, whiplash can occur. You can get whiplash in other ways besides accidents, such as by playing sports or even from a sudden sneeze. Whiplash is a painful injury, and many times people have to go to a chiropractor service for whiplash to get help.

A chiropractor can put the spine back in alignment so that the rest of the body can heal. With chiropractic care, you can successfully heal from whiplash injuries and other back injuries that may be causing you severe pain.

What Are The Symptoms Of Whiplash?
If you have had problems after an accident such as headaches, head and neck pain, stiff neck or muscle spasms, you could have whiplash. You will be able to recognize these signs quite easily and you will find in a case of whiplash, you have restricted head motion. You can't turn your head all the way in the directions you want, so this is one reason you should seek a chiropractor service for whiplash. You can also have equilibrium problems and a loss of hearing and you may experience ringing in the ears which are all signs of whiplash.

When To Have A Physical Examination
If you are feeling lightheaded and excessively tired or even find yourself blacking out, it is a for sure sign you have most likely hurt your neck. If you are experiencing any nerve pain or nerve inflammation in the area of your neck you should get checked as well. Cold hands and feet are often a symptom, so is numbness in the arms, hands, shoulders, feet or legs. Periods of unexplained depression and anxiety could be a factor as well as irritability. You will find it hard to concentrate and may have a poor memory, another sign of whiplash is the pain between the shoulders; there may be low back pain, tremors, and rapid heartbeat.

When To Contact A Chiropractor
If you have these problems, you need to contact a chiropractor service for whiplash. The chiropractor will work with you in a variety of ways, and they will align the spine to help with the restricted head motion. This can help you to get your balance back and hopefully the hearing will get better with less ringing in the ears. With the alignment, it should cure some of the eyestrain and you won't want to sleep the pain away. The numbness should go away, the pain should ease and nerve inflammation should get better.

It's understandable why you can get depressed, as the pain can get you down. When you see a chiropractor service for whiplash, they could tell you some good herbal remedies that will help. A chiropractor service for whiplash may also wish to incorporate yoga for stretching when they feel the time is right.

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