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A horse chiropractor is a chiropractor that specializes in working with horses. These chiropractors are called upon when your horse is suffering from some sort of pain. The pain could be found in the spine, which may come from an accident. The pain could have also been cause by stenosis. Stenosis is an abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel or other tubular organ or structure. This may happen due to the natural process of spinal degeneration that occurs in aging. If this does happen, it can affect the cervical spine, the lumbar spine or both. Why turn to a horse chiropractor?

Why Turn To A Horse Chiropractor?
More people are turning to horse chiropractors to help their horse in various ways. The chiropractor offers natural, drug-free help for your horses care. When you combine this with veterinary care, you will add to the quality of your horse's performance, the horse's mobility, and his overall wellness.

What Areas Can A Horse Chiropractor Help With?
A horse chiropractor helps with the skeletal system and joints in the horse's body. The bones and joins form a very flexible structure and with chiropractic help, can have pain free movement when in healthy alignment. The muscular system is helped because a healthy muscle allows the joint to move freely. Healthy muscles don't have spasms, weakness, pain, knots or degeneration.

Nerves are responsible for directing the functions of the body and controlling the flow of communication between the brain and other areas of the body. When nerves get pinched, it reduces the performance levels of the horse and this can lead to a poor state of health.

What Kinds Of Issues Can Be Helped With Chiropractic Treatment?
A horse chiropractor is extremely helpful for any horses that have problems with their joints. These joints may cause pain, which can lead to problems in their spinal cord, which will lead to a serious injury. If there are problems with the muscles and nerves, it may be time to make an appointment. This is because a chiropractor addresses the mechanical causes of the problem, and they can help when nerves are pinched by a stuck or rotated joint or by a tight muscle and is called misalignment. A good horse chiropractor can help to realign the horse's skeletal system.

The Two Adjustments
When a chiropractor that specializes in horses helps in these areas, there are usually two adjustments that are made. The horse is monitored for changes to see if there is any improvement and if there isn't any improvement, your veterinarian is called in to make sure there isn't another problem causing the issue. If the horse is improved, you will need to have a future adjustment scheduled based on the type and depth of the horse's condition. This can take from one to six months between adjustments.

None of the treatments seem to visibly hurt the horse that is being worked on by its chiropractor. They tend to look as though they find it quite comforting and this helps your horse to feel better. This will enhance the performance of the horse by helping to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort they are experiencing.

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